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9 May 2013

Romance = food

Health food shopping is definitely my weakness. While other girls splurge on heels, I buy bulk coconut oil and raw chocolate. Honestly, all I wanted for my birthday was cook books and quinoa. My boyfriend thinks I love food more than him - he's wrong of course, I love them both equally!

I've found it hard to narrow down my go to health store because I always need to visit three or four different shops to buy all my favourites, usually driving from one corner of Perth to the other.

So today, because it's pay day (from my casual PR job, not Centrelink for once!) I stopped at Organic Selection, a local shop that I hadn't been to yet, to have a look at what they had to offer. I was also searching for the amazing Pana chocolate my sweetie of a friend, Anh, gave me for my birthday. Big mistake. Although it was a teeny tiny shop, it was packed full of delicious and healthy goodies. Kale chips to coconut water, I was in organic heaven*.

I restricted myself to a couple of Pana raw organic chocolate bars (and some tried and tested Loving Earth chocolate) a delectable chocolate flavoured almond milk and some goats cheese, which I'm excited to try.

I've been told that all the Pana chocolate flavours are amazing and judging from the Coconut and Goji one I've already sampled (oops!) I believe it! It's super creamy and the packaging is freaking cute too.

My chocolate themed mini haul
xx Luce

* NB. Organic heaven doesn't actually exist and I don't eat completely organic, or even close to it, but go check this little shop out, it's grand!


  1. You need to share some of the Pana choc with me Luce! ;) love Harms. xx

  2. I will get some more and we can chomp on it on our next movie date Harms =D