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17 May 2013

If you want to be happy, be.

Ten things that make me happy:

1// A winter morning. Or any morning that is spent in bed with a yummy breakfast and a book that cannot be put down.

2// Besties/Family/Boyfriend. Being with people that know me so well that no pretenses exist and small talk isn't needed. Perfect.

3// My three year old nephew. Sometimes he casually calls me Luce when we're having a chat, like I'm his best friend, and it is way too beautiful.

4// Morning runs. They clear my head and wake me up for the day ahead. It's always hard getting out of bed but worth it when I get in a rhythm.

5// Sudden bursts of laughter that turns into hysterical laughter. Especially if it's me making other people laugh. That makes me think I'm a little hilarious...or funny looking. Or both?

6// Spontaneous outings. They usually turn into the most memorable of times and require no itinerary - win win!

7// Seeing my family and friends truly happy. Especially if it's about something they think is stupid but amazing and they tell me with massive grins on their faces.

8// Reading. I read anything and everything, novels, picture books, blogs, newspapers, online articles. I love it! That feeling you get after reading a perfect book is indescribable.

9// Being active, fit and healthy. When I'm exercising regularly and eating healthy (most of the time...) I feel my best.

10// Op shopping - best kind of retail therapy! I love op shopping with my friend Ninny poo. Her excitement and enthusiasm for a bargain is contagious, she really should've been one of the crazy cats in the Thriftshop music video.

My happy list was incredibly hard to narrow down because there's so many things that make me happy: chocolate, helping people, hugs, tea, being motivated, blasting my favourite songs in the car, writing lists, guiltless decision making, giving presents, receiving presents and movies that make me think.

The ones that made it to the list came to me first and encompass most parts of my life.

By the way, this post was inspired by Story of My Life's challenge. I'm a little slow on the uptake but better late than never!

What's on your happy list?

xx Luce

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