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27 May 2013

Orange collect

I have only just discovered the joys of Polyvore (about two years late), an awesome site that lets you mix and match all of your favourite trends in creative ways. It allows me to drool over clothes I'll never be able to afford, put them into pretty collages and procrastinate writing that dreaded report just a teeny bit longer...naturally, I'm addicted!

My wardrobe is already chock full of my fave colour orange but you can never have too much right??

Orange collect

Zara top

Rebecca Taylor silk shorts

One Green Elephant slim cut jeans
$54 -

Topshop shoes

J Crew slouch bag

Radà chain jewelry
$130 -

Neon earrings
$5.28 -

Tech accessory

Maybelline bright lipstick
$21 -

xx Luce

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