Luce's Eternal Sunshine

9 September 2016


A few things I've loved reading, obsessing over and doing lately.

Pilates on the beach - last week was the first session at City Beach and it was a beautiful Perth Spring day. While the instructor was telling me to find my imprint, I was subtly trying to fall asleep in the sun!

New Matilda's eye opening article after the events in Kalgoorlie last week.

I've also started this book to educate myself on the history of violence against Aboriginals in Australia. Pretty heavy, but necessary reading.

On a lighter note, I've nearly finished Drew Barrymore's book, which is an easy read filled with tales of her upbringing and career. It's oddly paced because the stories aren't in chronological order but she has lived an intriguing life!

I've finished watching Stranger Things and loved it. So many 80s references, so much suspense!

Yeah, I don't understand the obsession with Barb either.

Three words: Gilmore Girls Revival! This is the first page of the four part series, due out in November! I just wish Hanbel was in Perth to watch it with me.

Hula hooping is one of my Classpass picks and is so much fun! At first I had to use a thick, kiddy hoop but now I've moved onto a normal sized one. Look at me, being an adult with my hula hoop in one hand and responsibilities (aka bills) in the other! 

This obvious grammar rule that you've never realised you've always done. Wow, go you grammar nerd!

I cooked this easy meal last week and it was delicious.

Watch this show if you have 20 minutes spare. It's basically the FAQs that you were too afraid to ask of minorities and marginalised Australians and it's super interesting.

Finally, check out this Grease theory. It actually makes sense too! Oh, young love.

Have a fun weekend!

xx Luce

8 March 2016

Teleisha and Cam's wedding, ten years in the making

What better way to kick off my 2016 blogging (yes, three months in, I know, I know) than to write about the beautiful wedding day of one of the kindest, most loved up couples I know. Teleish and Cam have been together for yonks and planned it well, getting hitched on their ten year anniversary a couple of weekends ago. I was lucky enough to be privy to all the ins and outs, being in the crazy bridal party, and I felt so honoured to see the whole day unfold.

Teleisha was the calmest bride ever, in all the history of weddings and bridezillas, and only shat her lacy pants in the minutes leading up to seeing Cam for the first time. After that she was back to being a chill penguin, just sipping on wine and enjoying the breathtakingly beautiful day.

Their wedding was held at House of Cards winery in Yallingup and it was the ideal setting for a laid back, rustic style wedding...with great wine. After an emotional ceremony, the night was a blur of delicious food eaten under the stars, hilarious speeches, too many rosé slushies, a flurry of dance moves and so much love. In other words, pretty damn perfect.

Here are a few pics we managed to take and also a couple of stunning professional shots that have emerged since, taken by the ever talented Bianca Kate (special mention to Rae, who was assisting Bianca and who I bonded with over our mutual 'Sweaty Betty' statuses).
The supermodels, Cam and Teleisha, via Bianca Kate

25 September 2015

Sharing the love: Jimmy Fallon does 'Bitch Better Have My Money'

I've always been a sucker for the classic rework of a rap/RNB song into a slow ballad or classical number. I find it hysterical to sing a swear word heavy Eminem song in the style of Coldplay, partly because I have a terrible voice but mostly because it sounds so wrong that it's right. When I saw this awesome barbershop quartet version of Rihanna's song 'Bitch Better Have My Money' by none other than my man Jimmy Fallon, I was overjoyed.

I have the biggest crush on Jimmy - BIGGEST. I constantly stalk his Youtube channel for new uploads and I am never disappointed with his personal, dorky interview style and ridiculous celebrity games. I have also loved Joseph Gordon-Levitt ever since his little forlorn face appeared in Ten Things I Hate about You, and my love was cemented when I watched him in the emotional and hilarious 50/50, so this video is what my dreams are made of (seriously).

Now that I've talked it up crazy amounts, here it is. Enjoy!

18 July 2015

First month post ACL surgery

I feel like I've progressed so little yet so much since I had my knee reconstruction and was fitted with a brand new ACL one month ago. Since I'm going back to work on Monday, it seems like the perfect time to list what I've learnt and how one might expect to progress after having their bones drilled into, a tendon cut from their hammy and inserted into their knee, held together with small screws and the hopes of a girl dreaming to play netball again (dramatic, I know).

9 June 2015

Highlight Reel

I've been trying to squeeze in a lot of socialisation before surgery and sloth rehab time begins so life has been a little crazy lately. Here are some photos that capture a few of my favourite moments from the last couple of weeks. 

Long weekend in Busselton 
Beer pong, beanies, slizzard bitches and boulderdash.