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18 July 2015

First month post ACL surgery

I feel like I've progressed so little yet so much since I had my knee reconstruction and was fitted with a brand new ACL one month ago. Since I'm going back to work on Monday, it seems like the perfect time to list what I've learnt and how one might expect to progress after having their bones drilled into, a tendon cut from their hammy and inserted into their knee, held together with small screws and the hopes of a girl dreaming to play netball again (dramatic, I know).

You will come out of surgery higher than a bird flying north and you may say some questionable things to your surgeon, the nurses or in my case, the anaesthetist. I was obviously slightly bitter that he didn't warn me before he put me under so I decided swearing at him as I woke up was the only justifiable option. Sorry man!
For someone who counts eating somewhere between a hobby and a sport, it was a surprise to me that the no drinking before surgery was harder than the fasting. Although I mean pure aqua, I honestly would've shot straight tequila if I had been given the option.

You will need to let go of the reins of your life for at least two weeks. I am lucky to have some pretty fantastic people in my life who did everything for me. From preparing my food, to helping me shower (Steve), as well as receiving some divine blooms, they provided for my every whim - except my cronut request. Still waiting guys! It is lovely but it is also extremely frustrating, especially if you're used to acting like an adult and not a baby.
The little things will become the big things and you may feel like a complete numbskull for rejoicing when you cook your first meal or when you call your boyfriend after your first shower standing up but believe me, they are worth celebrating! When I took my first steps without my brace or crutches three weeks out I nearly jumped for joy before I realised that I physically couldn't. 
Take advantage of your couch time. Catch up on Parks and Rec and Orange is the New Black but continue to do your rehab exercises religiously! I was doing flexions (bending) and extensions (straightening) from day dot and although they are hell on earth, they are so important to regaining motion and strength in the knee. 
Three weeks out
You have to be patient and it is ridiculously important to take one day at a time and not become overly confident before the full recovery period. I have to remind myself that the graft will actually start weakening over the next couple of months due to the new blood supply kicking in so I have to take it easy.

You will never know how much you miss sport and exercise until you're forced to go without it for X amount of time. My right leg has turned to jelly and while it's upsetting to see my quad turn to mush, it's also comical. I think that's the key in this whole recovery process - a sense of humour. 
What I'm looking forward to in the coming month: swimming, stationary cycling, driving and working on walking without a limp. 

xx Luce


  1. I am so proud of your attitude towards this whole thing Luce, your positivity is an inspiration!
    I promise I will come swimming with you soon, even though I am dreading the bathers debacle :/
    Keep up the rehab, your progress is amazing!
    Love always

    1. Thanks Brookey =D haha you better swim with me!

  2. You're a superstar Lucy! You've already come leaps and bounds, I have no doubt you'll be back before you know it.
    I'm so so proud of you girl! xx