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8 March 2016

Teleisha and Cam's wedding, ten years in the making

What better way to kick off my 2016 blogging (yes, three months in, I know, I know) than to write about the beautiful wedding day of one of the kindest, most loved up couples I know. Teleish and Cam have been together for yonks and planned it well, getting hitched on their ten year anniversary a couple of weekends ago. I was lucky enough to be privy to all the ins and outs, being in the crazy bridal party, and I felt so honoured to see the whole day unfold.

Teleisha was the calmest bride ever, in all the history of weddings and bridezillas, and only shat her lacy pants in the minutes leading up to seeing Cam for the first time. After that she was back to being a chill penguin, just sipping on wine and enjoying the breathtakingly beautiful day.

Their wedding was held at House of Cards winery in Yallingup and it was the ideal setting for a laid back, rustic style wedding...with great wine. After an emotional ceremony, the night was a blur of delicious food eaten under the stars, hilarious speeches, too many rosé slushies, a flurry of dance moves and so much love. In other words, pretty damn perfect.

Here are a few pics we managed to take and also a couple of stunning professional shots that have emerged since, taken by the ever talented Bianca Kate (special mention to Rae, who was assisting Bianca and who I bonded with over our mutual 'Sweaty Betty' statuses).
The supermodels, Cam and Teleisha, via Bianca Kate
More supermodels
Maid of Dishonour, Linley
Honourable member of the twine gang
True love
So sober
via Bianca Kate
Congratulations you two! 

xx Luce

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