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18 February 2015

Love Notes

Every so often I feel a rush of gratitude wash over me. It's a feeling that comes with the knowledge that the people around me and the love I am surrounded with is unique. Not everyone is lucky enough to spend time with such beautiful people once a year, let alone on a daily basis. I am damn lucky. #blessed #thankful #littleprayerhands and all that jazz.
BUT in saying that it’s so ridiculously easy to forget this on the bad days. The days everyone has, unless you’re a robot of some kind and if you are, perhaps get yourself checked out because it’s not normal to be reading blogs as a bot. Anyway, you know the ones I’m talking about, right? When you feel flat and all you want to do is go home, crash on the couch and not speak to a single soul (I really will feel silly if it’s just me). On occasion there’s a reason for these stormy days and on those more worrisome days, there’s not.

Recently I've had a few days like this where I’ve just felt like absolute shite with no rhyme or reason to it – just plain crap. I've felt stressed, uneasy in my own skin and completely woeful. I’m a busy gal though so most of these times I've had people to see and things to do so couch crashing was not an option.  What I’ve noticed though is that more often than not, I've felt increasingly chipper as I spent more time away from my own brain and laughing on the phone with mum or going for a walk with Steve or having dinner with friends. That’s when I realised – these people that I have in my life don’t have to be here, nor am I paying them to be. Not to be cocky but they love me, I love them and bloody hell, THEY’RE AMAZING. Which makes my life pretty amazing, even if I don’t have all my ducks even close to resembling a row.

So I've decided to spread the love the old fashioned way in 2015 – by handwriting letters. I've ordered a few stationery sets, some gorgeous little cards from here and here and I’ll be getting more from K Gets Organised soon (seriously cute as stationery). I’m going to tell people how I feel, whether that be old friends, new friends, family, a kind stranger or the damn neighbour. The thing is, it's a win win situation because by me telling someone why I love them, I'll be making myself feel good too. I'm selfish like that!

Life’s too insanely short to just let those light bulb ‘life is so confusing and difficult but damn it’s amazing’ moments to pass by unnoticed. You never know, these letters might just brighten someone else’s dull day too.
"Sending a handwritten letter is becoming such an anomaly...there's something visceral about opening a letter. I see her on the page. I see her in her handwriting." Steve Carell
xx Luce


  1. The best blog yet xoxo Little Miss Cray/ Princess of the World

  2. Love you. Looking forward to receiving my letter! ;-) hehe