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6 February 2015

If you try to walk in my shoes, you'll end up in a bookstore

I have an obsession with books. Enthralling content, interesting titles, pretty covers - the pull is undeniable. The problem is, I already have books scattered around the house and a whole shelf full of books begging to be read, yet I continue to buy more. It must be the ridiculous combination of a good read and the thrill of a bargain that entices me.

This stops now though because I have decided that this year I will tackle this To-Read shelf and smash it out of the park so that I can move onto my even bigger To-Read List. While it might be ambitious considering last year I probably read about 20, I have set myself a challenge to read 50 books in 2015.
Here's five ways I'm going to keep on track with my goal.

1. Stay away from too much pointless television at night (Before you say anything Han: Gilmore Girls is not pointless). I tend to get a little too drawn into reality TV like MKR and X Factor. Yes, I'm ashamed to admit it but sometimes I find myself wiling away hours watching the tears, the heartache, the absolute PAIN that a simple souffle or song choice can cause.

2. Developing a good reading habit. I'm aiming for an hour a day, no matter what. When you really think about it, that shouldn't be hard. Going out for my lunch break instead of adding more books to my To-Read list (yes, I have issues), going to bed an hour earlier to read - it can be done.

3. Reading only what I absolutely want to read. Too many times have I found myself wading through some horrific book because it's a 'classic' or on a 'must read' list somewhere in Europe. No thanks, I will quit when I want to quit and I will only pick up the books that I want to pick up (or have to, for book club).

4. Keeping track of my books with lists. I love lists and Goodreads is perfect for keeping track of what you have read and what's on your wishlist.

5. Change it up! I love reading true crime books but let's be honest, they are killers (pun intended). So I'm going to try and change up my genres, authors and styles as much as possible to ensure I stay interested.

I am currently reading Joe Cinque's Consolation by Helen Garner (heart wrenching and insightful)  and will continue with Life After Life by Kate Atkinson when it arrives in the mail for book club. Wow, I sound like a nerd!
Next on the list: In Cold Blood by Truman Capote and The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.
Wish me luck!

xx Luce


  1. What a great challenge!! I really need to get into a few books myself. I might aim for completing one for a start. Too many other distractions, but I like your plan of attack!

    1. You should Harms! Aim for five books maybe? Tell me what you start with! xx