Friday Fancies #2 | Luce's Eternal Sunshine: Friday Fancies #2

27 February 2015

Friday Fancies #2

I was sick last weekend so I spent the majority of my time in between naps watching TV, reading blog posts and feeling sorry for myself. Here's a few things that took my fancy and kept me going. 

Before the flu struck me down, we went to The Standard for dinner. You should definitely try the pork croquettes, chicken grill and lamb belly for some seriously scrumptious food. The sweet and sour eggplant was probably the favourite though. 
Their Pimms Punch was delightfully refreshing and bonus points have to be dished out for giving us a fruit salad in every sip.

The Standard on Urbanspoon

I also managed to make it to one presentation at the Perth Writer's Festival before the flu had other ideas. I went to the Domestic Double Standards talk, which featured three Stella Prize nominated writers discussing their experiences of being female in the writing industry. It was enlightening and I've loved reading up about the authors that spoke, particularly Maxine Beneba Clark. Her #writingwhilefemale hashtag is eye opening. Here's my favourite (least favourite?) and something I've heard a few times before.  
Writing comedy and having a (female!) friend tell you "You're pretty funny for a girl hey"  - Kaitlyn Plyley 
Check out The Stella Prize longlist here

I've been doing some research (Pinning!) for our impending trip to Spain. So many amazing places to see. 
I also found this blog post - hopefully it'll help me become fluent in Spanish in three months! Wishful thinking. 

I ordered some Go-To products partly because I have the biggest crush on Zoe Foster-Blake (hilarious, savvy, beautiful, cat-lover, hello!) but mostly because my skin has been having a quarter life crisis. They are such beautiful products, kind to my sensitive, temperamental skin and smell heavenly. The Exfoliating Swipeys are the stand out product, being such a god send for a lazy gal like myself. 

I received these magnets in the mail from Etsy- such a HP nerd and how cute are the little geo animals?

Do this personality test. Seriously, do it! I find it so interesting and most of the people I've wrangled into doing it have had spot on results. I am your classic ENFP personality. 

Lastly, this definitely sums up how I've been feeling of late. Thanks Margaret Atwood!

Have a fantastic long weekend! 

xx Luce


  1. ohhhh spain, I am beyond jealous! and those magnets are to die for!
    super cute post :) xx

  2. I love this! How have I missed this post?! xoxo

    1. I thought you'd seen it because you bought the cleanser! You're going to love it. xx