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17 June 2014

Taking Stock

On this gloomy, wintery day I was inspired by this list to give you a sneak peek into my life lately.

Making: NOOD's raw chocolate tart with the unexpected secret ingredient being tofu! Check out more NOOD recipes here
Cooking: the perfect winter warmer, cheesy mushrooms on toast with wilted spinach.
Drinking: too much iced water for this chilly weather. 
Reading: The News - A User's Manual by Alain De Botton. An intriguing analysis of the news machine we love so much and what makes certain stories so addictive and others so damn boring.  
Wanting: to see these little munchkins again soon. Even though I've just returned from Cairns, I'm missing my crazy nephews already. They are growing up so damn fast and I loved our chats while I was there (intelligible and otherwise).
Looking: forward to our Flashback Friday party this weekend.
Playing: netball, as usual.
Listening: Tightrope by Illy on repeat.
Wasting: time.
Sewing: nothing. I rarely sew.
Wishing: adulthood wasn't so expensive. Bills, rent, who knew!
Enjoying: my Peter Alexander hot water bottle.

Watching: Friends reruns.

Wondering: how to recreate the amazing pear and goat’s cheese pasta I had in Sydney a few weeks ago.

Loving: The Lion King after recently seeing the musical - amazing!

Hoping: for a call from a potential employer. 
Marvelling: at the intelligence of my nephews after rewatching some cute videos I filmed. 

Needing: to slowly back away from the chocolate! Obsessed. 

Smelling: My divine beeswax candles, compliments of the lovely Brooklyn. 
Wearing: Thick knit bed socks and my cosy Seed scarf
Following: the ANZ Championship finals.
Noticing: the orangey red leaves that have fallen. 
Knowing: you have to be ready for everything that is thrown your way, life waits for no one! 
Thinking: about over thinking. I think too much. 
Bookmarking: Houzz. Great inspiration for future apartment interiors. 
Opening: new magazines received in the mail - bliss. 
Giggling: at talking cat videos...which are also slightly creepy. Also, old Facebook statuses which are hilarious and cringeworthy all at the same time. 
Feeling: sore from netball. I always end up with at least one (extremely) minor injury, whether that be a corked bum, a jarred finger or a bruised arm. All part of the fun, of course.

xx Luce

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