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29 June 2014

Happy Birthday Harms!

Even with an eight year age gap, Harms and I have always been close. Growing up she was the perfect older sister and I was the typical little sister, bugging her incessantly. I stole her clothes, made her late EVERYWHERE and was her constant shadow. She never fobbed me off though, instead helping me choreograph daring dance routines and taking me on regular weekend outings. As we grew older, she continued to involve me in her life, having me stay for weeks on end at her place and cooking my favourite meals. I grew up wanting to be just like her.

Cutie Harms
Harms was my first ever friend and my best friend and now on opposite sides of the country, she is still the one I want to tell all my news to. She is my twinny yet we're different enough to keep our debates interesting. 
She encourages my dreams and is always up for a deep chat about things most people consider ridiculous (Tim usually rolls his eyes at us).
Her mothering skills blow me away and she astounds me with how much kindness and patience she is able to dish out to my beautiful nephews, even when she is frustrated and tired.

This beautiful cover of "That's What's Up" by Lennon and Maisy makes me think of my beautiful sissy.

We've been best friends forever darling, that's what's up.

You've got my love to lean on, darling, that's what's up.
Happy birthday Harms! I love you.

xx Luce

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