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27 April 2014


A few weeks ago, I conquered one of my biggest fears by slowly descending backwards off a few cliffs...and it was amazing! 

It was my first time abseiling and it isn't something I would willingly choose to do but as a Christmas present from Steve, I had no choice.

We headed up to Mountain Quarry in Boya, around 35 minutes out of Perth, and the whole way there I was pondering how the hell I was going to do it. 

I thought I'd share a few happy snaps and prove that sometimes the most fun you can have is doing something that scares the pantaloons off you. 

We started on the baby face, supposedly as a warm up. Everyone else seemed relaxed so I took that opportunity to look for the nearest escape exit that didn't involve throwing myself over a cliff. 

There was none, so over the edge I went.
We did an intermediate face next, which involved some free falling because of an overhang.

 The real mission though was the huge 55 metre cliff that I had vowed not to go near as we first entered the quarry.
Of course, Steve was cool and calm and disappeared over the edge with ease. 
Meanwhile, I was making the instructor double and triple check my ropes and promise me that I wouldn't die. 
The whole way down I was shaking and was so thankful no one was around to hear my self affirmations interlaced with profanities.
It was exhilarating though, the most amazing feeling and once I was on the ground, I wanted to go again! 
Adventure Out is who we went through and I recommend you do too. The instructors were fun and informative, they knew their stuff and made you feel at ease immediately. 

They also kept their promise that I wouldn't die and for that I am grateful! 

xx Luce

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