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7 April 2015

Just what the doctor ordered

I had the most relaxing Easter long weekend. I switched off my phone, which was damn hard in itself, and headed up to my parents place in Carnamah, a teeny tiny town three and a half hours out of Perth. My alleged 'smart' phone doesn't have service there so I used the time to regroup and just be with some of the craziest, best people I know.

Yes, I know, I've heard it all before, but just the simple act of unplugging from the addictive world of social media, online news and constant texting has a way of centering you and reminding you of what is really important, IE family and chocolate (it was Easter after all). Mum introduced me as her "baby daughter" to every local she could get her hands on and it was so lovely to just take a break from the demands of daily life.

We spent the time hanging out, chatting, exploring and generally being the dorks that we are. Mum and dad showed off their impressive green thumbs while Mitch and I demonstrated our best dancing skills.
Country life: Dad with his homegrown watermelon

On Easter Sunday we all jumped in the car and drove to Greenhead for fish and chips and a swim (and some photo opportunities as I had phone service for a couple of hours, cheeky!). It was the most idyllic setting to be completely lazy and read on the beach while the family checked out the surroundings.
Dad and Mitch exploring

As I drove back to Perth, I felt a physical change when my phone buzzed to life and reality was upon me once more but those few days of relaxation were all I needed to feel recharged. I hope you were able to take a break too, whether that be at home or away. 

xx Luce

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