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10 December 2014

New Abode

It's been over two weeks and I think I'm officially used to living with Steve (aka The Boyf) in our little home.

Said home is a 2x1 upstairs apartment located smack bang between Scarbs and the city.
The first night!
Everyone has been asking how many biffs and tiffs we’ve had since living together and I’m happy to  report that surprisingly, there have been no notable blow ups (I can hear Steve sniggering already!) but lessons have definitely been learnt.
Steve's fave apron
Mainly I've realised that Steve was created to be a bloody engineer. I know this is something I should have figured out when, oh I don’t know, he was going through uni, writing weekly lab reports with safety glasses perched precariously atop his head but no, it’s only just dawned on me. He’s obsessed with finding the science in everything, which means everything must. be. understood. no. matter. how. long. it. takes. Not the important stuff, like why Rose let Jack go ("I'll never let go, Jack" lol jks!) or where in the good earth do all the bobby pins go?! More like the exciting stuff like why the TV crackles at certain moments and who the hell came up with ice machines. Okay fine, I wouldn't mind knowing that too, it's ingenious!

Anyway, case in point – the other day he spent about 20 minutes figuring out why the dryer instructions were telling us what they were telling us.
My answer: because they are and just do it, damn it!
His answer: “ohhhh it’s because the velocity times the pink panther multiplied by Ronald McDonald means we can dry our clothes in peace*!”
WONDERFUL, I’m so happy that WE just HAD to get to the bottom of that massive life dilemma.

It's been fun though. I've learnt to just go along for the ride when Steve is caught up with one of his investigations, his 'Steve-isms', even if I don't understand a thing he's saying.

*Pretty much what my brain heard.

Now, here's a teeny tiny sneak peek.
Orange of course
IKEA Christmas tree
 Still a long way to go to make it perfectly Pinterest-y, with things still in boxes and a couch on the way, but it's home.

xx Luce


  1. Hahaha poor Steve. Has he read this? I can just imagine!

    1. haha Harms, I made him read it before I published it and he liked it, phew!