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2 September 2014

Sweet Dreams are Made of Cheese

I adore cheese. It is a wondrous thing filled with dreams and deliciousness. So when my housemate discovered a boutique cheese shop had opened up locally, a cheese and wine night was imminent. She asked me if I could pretty please go check out Little Cheese Shop in Bayswater to pick up the fromage and while it was a hard decision, I finally agreed!

I was too busy meandering along and dreaming of what would await me in this cheesy wonderland that I almost missed the teeny shopfront. It's situated next to the bike store on Whatley Crescent and it certainly lives up to its name, being quite a small store, but the array of cheeses is astounding. On entry, the owner, Geoff, greeted me with an offer of a taste tester, which I obviously accepted, and I was then left to browse the amazing selection of cheeses, as well as gourmet crackers, meats and pâtés. 
via the Little Cheese Shop Facebook page

After staring gobsmacked at the display for a little too long, Geoff stepped in and helped me narrow down my choices to one blue, two soft, three hard and one smoked. I chucked in some beautiful salami and quince paste for good luck.
We ended up with more cheese than we needed but oh, it was so worth it.

I made some wintery mulled wine for the occasion, which paired up perfectly with the cheese and stormy weather. You can never go wrong with Jamie's recipe!
Cheese wise, the highlight was definitely the d'Argental Lingot, a double cream Brie that was melt in the mouth delicious. My personal favourite was the Italian Smoked Ricotta Salata because I just love anything smoked. 

As well as being delectable, the prices at the Little Cheese Shop were reasonable. If you're a lover of all things cheese, I definitely recommend this little local for your fromage needs and like their Facebook page for regular updates (they sell fresh bread and baked goods too!) 

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xx Luce


  1. If I buy the cheese, can you please me some mulled wine? Looks amazing!